Potency products

Our daily diet affects all systems and organs of the body, not bypassing the reproductive system. Therefore, some products may not affect the firmness of sexual desire in any way, while others, on the contrary, can cause a violent reaction of our body literally "surprisingly". Effectiveness can be increased by adjusting your diet, which should improveyour sex life.

What products will be true friends of the stormy and high-quality sex. Let's try to understand it together.

Products that increase potency

First, you will need to limit the sugar and separate the honey, just choose it carefully so as not to buy diluted with sugar.

In addition to honey, other sweet foods, including nuts, are good allies in terms of improving erections. First place on the list for walnuts, then for peanuts and hazelnuts.

You can mix honey with nuts - you get a healthy taste, just do not overdo it on the way to the result - you should eat such a delicacy 1 maximum 2 tablespoons a day and preferably a few hours before bedtime.

A wonderful mix is made from honey with sesame or prunes or seeds (pre-peeled) to replace walnuts.

And of course, in terms of potency products, animal protein cannot be ignored, namely meat, but lean. However, you should not eat only meat, it should be diluted with vegetables, mushrooms, onions, sauerkraut, turnips are ideal for garnish.

vegetables useful for male potency

Seafood is a separate topic in terms of improving erections, as they are simply a storehouse of nutrients.

You need to try to use more often different vegetables: dill, cumin, parsley, celery, mint and paprika (if all is well with your stomach).

Dairy and sour milk products such as cottage cheese, kefir, cottage cheese and sour cream.

Garlic and onions are not the best friends of kisses, but they are good helpers of what happens after them. Onions and garlic can be eaten separately or as part of meals, provided that everything is fine with the gastrointestinal tract.

Products that reduce potency

Now let's talk about products that for a good erection may not be direct enemies, but definitely not friends. These are now common energy drinks, sweet carbonated drinks and foods high in carbohydrates.

Flour and white bread products are also not useful in this regard. Bread is best eaten from bran or rye, contains useful vitamin B.

Avoid various finished products, canned and semi-finished products such as sausages, sausages - remember that this is not essentially meat, but a storehouse of preservatives.

General recommendations

It is necessary to cook food in such a way that they lose as few useful qualities as possible - this is steamed, boiled or stewed. Try using a simpler dressing for salads - it's lemon juice or herbs. Avoid mayonnaise, ketchup!

In summary, we can say that all the recommendations are aimed at creating a varied diet, almost everything, but less. Preference should be given to natural substitutes.

  • Instead of sugar - honey, instead of sweet - dried fruits.
  • Instead of a hot dog breakfast - nuts with dried fruit.
  • Instead of sausage and canned food - a piece of meat.
  • Instead of a frying pan - a double boiler.

Everything speaks of the transition to a healthy lifestyle.

At first glance, it may seem that all this is very difficult and impossible, for the most part you are right, but it is possible, you just have to make an effort, because increasing potency is a complex task. In which you have to take part and make an effort. A healthy lifestyle is the most effective method of non-drug treatment of erectile dysfunction.